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A New and Effective RSV Immunization Now Available at Angelina Pediatrics

A New and Effective RSV Immunization Now Available at Angelina Pediatrics

Angelina Pediatrics has a new powerful immunization to protect infants from respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, the leading cause of infants' hospitalization. The CDC is recommending the new immunization be given starting this fall to help protect all infants under 8 months as well as some older babies at increased risk of severe illness caused by RSV.

"Angelina Pediatrics is one of the first pediatric medical clinics in our area to received this new immunization," said pediatrician, Dr. George Fidone, who along with pediatrician, Dr. Jeff Glass supervise the medical providers at Angelina Pediatrics.

The immunization is a long-acting monoclonal antibody product, which has been shown to reduce the risk of both hospitalizations and healthcare visits for RSV in infants by about 80 percent. Monoclonal antibodies are man-made proteins that mimic the antibodies that our bodies naturally produce. Making this immunization available means that babies will be able to receive antibodies to prevent severe RSV disease.

According to the CDC, RSV is one of the most common causes of childhood respiratory illness and results in annual outbreaks of respiratory illnesses in all age groups. An estimated 58,000 to 80,000 children under 5 years of age, most of them infants, are hospitalized each year nationwide due to RSV infection. Each year, an estimated 100 to 300 children younger than 5 years of age die due to RSV.

“We are thrilled to make this new immunization available to our patients at Angelina Pediatrics since it will provide parents with a powerful tool to protect their children against the threat of RSV,” said Dr. Jeff Glass. "As we head into respiratory virus season this fall, I encourage our parents to schedule an appointment to have their baby receive this immunization to help prevent severe RSV illness."

CDC recommends one dose of Nirsevimab for all infants younger than 8 months, born during – or entering – their first RSV season (typically fall through spring). For a small group of children between the ages of 8 and 19 months who are at increased risk of severe RSV disease, such as children who are severely immunocompromised, a dose is recommended in their second season.

Nirsevimab, which was approved last month by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is administered as an injection and provides infants and toddlers with antibodies to protect against severe RSV illness. It provides critical protection during a baby’s first RSV season, when they’re most at risk for severe illness.

For more information about this new RSV shot, contact Angelina Pediatrics at (936) 634-9233 or The Children's Clinic (936) 634-2214 and speak with one of our medical providers.

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