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 Telemedicine Instructions

We are now able to see all children in the office regardless of symptoms or COVID exposure. Our protocols and procedures ensure safe and convenient well and sick visits, and we can do rapid COVID tests as well as PCR tests for COVID-19 when necessary. Thanks to this increase in availability, our telemedicine services are now only available under specific circumstances when scheduled by our staff.


Our nurses and staff can discuss options with you weekdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. For after hours and weekend concerns please call the office and follow the instructions to receive assistance from our nurse triage service. https://www.thechildrensclinic...

To make a telemedicine appointment:

  1. Go to or download the V2MD app. Please allow notifications and enable your microphone and camera. Use your child's name to register as a patient, or if that is not possible please make sure your child's name and DOB are in the message.
  2. Call the office and request a telemedicine visit. The scheduler or nurse will make your appointment and send you an invitation. Log onto your account at the assigned time and click "Start Video Call". The nurse practitioner will join you shortly thereafter.

Preparing for your telemedicine visit:

1. Please check your child's temperature, check or estimate their weight, and prepare a list of medications that your child has taken over the last few weeks, as this information with be very helpful to the nurse practitioner. If you have a preferred pharmacy please have their phone number available to share.

2. Ensure you are in a location that is well lit and quiet, and that you have an additional light source to assist the doctor in examining your child. Having good wifi service will enhance the quality of the visit.

3. Stay near your phone or computer so that when you receive a notice that the nurse practitioner is ready you will be able to log on quickly. And don't forget to have your child nearby so we can examine them!

4. When the visit starts share your biggest concern first, convey all important information, and ensure all of your questions are answered before the end of the visit. If a prescription is required make sure the nurse practitioner knows your preferred pharmacy and their phone number.


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